I love Makeup Revolution! 3 Palettes every makeup lover needs


I have a large amount of love for Makeup Revolution, it’s affordable, the products are high in quality and it’s a cruelty free brand that can be found in your local high street drugstore. What more could you ask for!

This post is all about the three palettes that are essential to my makeup bag.

No.1- The New-trals vs Neutrals palette

Let me just start on how much I adore the packaging.   As someone who has studied graphic design, I have to admit I will always love a product 10 times more if it has decent packaging. I love the minimalistic design and the combination of black and gold give it a more expensive look.

Now onto the actual makeup itself; this palette has a wide variety of eye shadow colours both matte and shimmering. The colours in this palette are pigmented and wearable at any time whether it be during the day or on a night out; being so incredibly versatile gives great value for money. The eye shadows are long lasting, helping your eyes look fabulous the entire day.

No.2- Blush Palette Blush Queen

This blush palette has both a great name and beautiful colours. It is a multi-purpose palette that can be used as blush palette, highlight and eyeshadow palette. So much so, that I sometimes find myself using this palette to create a whole look, of course excluding foundation and concealer etc. The palette is affordable and definitely worth the money. The colours are wearable for both day and evening looks as well!

No.3- Redemption Palette Mermaids vs Unicorns

I think we can all agree that this palette is particularly magical. Although some people would say the colours are not wearable for day time looks, I completely disagree; makeup can be worn however you want, whenever you want. The colours in this palette are really beautiful and highly pigmented, the eye shadows are long lasting and I find myself not having to reapply throughout the day. If you’re someone who is looking to experiment with both makeup looks and the colours that you use, this is a great starting palette to really push you out of your comfort zone!

I hope this has been helpful and you have enjoyed reading!

Lots of love x



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