Lee Stafford Hair Growing Shampoo and Conditioner. Does it really work?


Growing out a pixie cut is a very long process, so anything I can do to speed it up is extremely helpful. In order to do this I purchased the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave In Conditioner. These products claim to create a healthy scalp environment, give more body,fullness and strength to the hair.

I can safely say that in the time I have been using these products they have done what is promised on the bottle. My hair definitely feels and looks softer and healthier and in my opinion appears thicker and more voluminous; it is however difficult to say whether or not it has helped speed up growth.

Other pros of the product-

Cruelty free! – All Lee Stafford products are cruelty free (which is very hard to find)

Smells Great (in my opinion) – I personally like the smell, however it may not be to everyone’s liking. The floral scent is really relaxing but not too overpowering.


Price- I actually happened to buy these products by chance due to a buy 3 for 2 sale in Boots. These products at regular cost are a little bit pricey, especially considering the size of the bottles and the amount of product in the Leave in Conditioner;. I’ve found myself being more sparing with the product than normal.

Taking into consideration everything,  these are still a great set of products where the pros highly outweigh the cons. They are  worth the money, especially if you get them on offer like I did.




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