Is This £4.00 Oval Brush Set Any Good?


I have seen these brushes literally everywhere on the internet recently. After seeing them in multiple makeup tutorials (mostly on Instagram) I decided to purchase some myself.

I came across these after seeing other sets that ranged from £10.00 to being pretty pricey, and as much as I would like to, I could not justify spending an arm and a leg on one set of just a few brushes. Scrolling down the pages of Amazon I came across this set that was priced at only £3.97 from the company Ularma. Intrigued, I purchased them and after many uses can confidently review this product.

First of all, these look identical to the ones I’ve seen all over the internet. The brush part itself is extremely soft and very easy to clean, although it does take a little while to completely dry before re-use.

The set came with multiple brushes of different sizes.  I mainly use the brushes for foundation, concealer and contour/highlight.

These soft brushes feel really nice on the face. They blend the makeup out reasonably well and are easy to use. However, I would say that other brushes I have, such as my stipple brushes and my beauty blender, blends out my foundation to look more flawless than these brushes do. This may be because the brush set is a cheap alternative and I’m sure the more expensive they are the better they blend. Needless to say, they still do the job to a pretty good standard, considering how little I paid for them.

As they are so cheap, the quality is obviously not the best.  Unfortunately, the handles are very flimsy which can make it hard to blend.  To overcome this problem holding the handle right where the brush is does help although can be a little bit uncomfortable.

Obviously, I would not recommend these to a professional makeup artist, I would however say these are a pretty good buy and would recommend them to anyone wanting to try out this style of brush for the first time without splashing the cash.

I hope this post has been helpful and thank you for reading.

Lots of love x


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