My Trip To the Big Apple! (day 2)


This was the most jam packed day of the entire trip. We started the day getting up bright and early and making our way to the local diner where the food of choice was obviously pancakes.

About 10 pancakes and plenty of maple syrup later we made our way to Battery Park for a boat tour around the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Although it was windy and freezing cold, the view of the city and islands from the boat was amazing.   Circling the Statue of Liberty was something I never thought I’d get to do (at least not for a long time), it was a really impressive sight, although not as big as I had imagined. We unfortunately did not get to stop on Ellis Island, however this is definitely a place I plan to go to in the future.


On arriving back in Battery Park we were greeted by street performers, artists and souvenir stands, it was great to see a place so full of life and talent. We stopped off for lunch and began a tour around the city. In my opinion this tour was the most interesting part of the trip. If you ever go to New York definitely book a walking tour, we saw multiple sites that have huge amounts of history behind them. It was truly fascinating, I had no idea New York had so much history behind it.


Visiting Ground Zero was an eye opening experience. The memorial ground was beautiful, you could feel the emotions and empathy everyone felt for the poor victims in the atmosphere. Everything in the memorial had a meaning behind it and a reason as to why it was there. Looking over the waterfalls I was unable to see the bottom, this was designed to symbolise never ending tears for the victims who lost their lives that day, their names remembered around the edges.




That night I had a really tasty meal at Planet Hollywood and saw my first ever Broadway show; the production of Matilda. I was amazed by how talented the group of young children performing were, it put my acting abilities to shame. Their British accents were surprisingly very believable and the overall performance was both entertaining and uplifting to watch; bringing the day to a memorable finish.


Keep an eye out for my day 3 post!

Thanks for reading!

Lots of love x


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