Special Effects Makeup Kit Essentials


Halloween is right around the corner which is very exciting! This has inspired me to compose a list of all the essential products for creating an SFX look; this is also a good starting kit for anyone wanting to enter the world of special effects.


Liquid latex-

Liquid latex is a vital tool for any SFX artist whether you are a professional or just starting out. This product can be used to make anything from burn effects to prosthetics. It can be mixed with tissue or used on its own to create any desired effect. Before using this product be sure to check that you are not allergic to it; also be careful when removing as it does hurt. You can get liquid latex pretty much anywhere online or in Halloween makeup shops. I purchased mine on Amazon.

Fake blood-

Fake blood is a must when doing SFX, for obvious reasons. There are two types of blood you can get/need, liquid and scab blood. Scab blood is thicker and can create clot effects whereas liquid blood can create dripping effects. I would definitely recommend the Kryolan Scab Blood in dark red, it looks extremely realistic and the product itself lasts a long time.

F/X Wax-

Wax can create effects like convincing cuts. It pairs well with fake blood.

Corpse wheel-

A corpse wheel is great if you’re planning to be something like a zombie for Halloween. Corpse wheel makeup is an effective way of making someone look ill or give a corpse like complexion.

Bruise wheel-

You guessed it, bruise wheels make the effect of convincing bruises. You can also use this to make other effects such as burns and cuts more convincing.

Black eyeshadow-

Black eyeshadow can be used in any scary look such as the stereotypical ghost or zombie, it is also a good addition for effects like burns to make them more realistic.

Face paint-

Face paint is a must have product, it can be used in any look and is an effective way of turning yourself into anything you want. You can get face paint from craft and Halloween shops and anywhere online. Snazaroo is a great affordable brand that  I would personally recommend.

Spirit gum is also a good addition to the kit although it is not essential, unless you plan on using something like prosthetic pieces to stick on the face.

Using any of these will be great for creating a super Halloween look, and are must haves for someone looking into special effects makeup artistry. The main thing to rememeber is MAKE SURE YOU TEST TO SEE IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO ANY PROUCT before applying it to your face, make sure to also remove the products carefully to prevent harming your skin.

Thanks for reading!

Lots of love x





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