My trip to the big apple (day 3)


We are coming to the end of my New York trip . Today was slightly more relaxed; we began with the daily diner ritual of pancakes and orange juice. We followed this up with the NYC movie tour!

I have to say, I was unaware as to how many of my favourite films/tv shows are literally filmed in the city itself. Seeing all these sights in person were definitely photo worthy moments; the friends apartment block being a major one.  Although the show itself was filmed in LA, the famous apartment block was filmed separately in New York and surprisingly was based nowhere near Central Park as depicted in the series.  Seeing the Ghost Busters fire station was another highlight along with the Washington Square Arch. A movie tour is an absolute tourist must, especially if you are a film or television geek like myself.



The next visit of the day was Redken studios. A fantastic opportunity for me to see some professional hair demonstrations and as a lover of hair products, just so cool to say I went there.


As the rest of the day was free time it was a no-brainer, spend it in the beautiful Central Park.There was something so calming about Central Park; whether it was the stunning scenery or that it lacked the hustle and bustle of the city, it was just nice to feel at ease and away from loud music and crowds for the first time in a few days. Now, one thing to note, Central Park is HUGE, so if you’re goal is to explore and you don’t want to pay out for the pleasure of sitting in a mini carriage being pulled along by someone on a bicycle, definitely give yourself a few hours walking time.


The evening meal was at my best restaurant of the trip. If you are looking for a fun restaurant, the Hard Rock Cafe is definitely somewhere you should check out. It honestly made my last night great. When we walked in, the atmosphere was lively and fun; loud music played with the accompanying music video shown on a large screen. Throughout the meal everyone was singing along to classic rock and pop anthems with one staff member getting people up and dancing; he was definitely the highlight of the meal, making it a restaurant experience that was unforgettable.

It was time for some late night shopping and a long walk home getting ready for the next and final day.

Thanks For Reading!

Lots Of Love x


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