Lashes On A Budget


I am a huge fan of false eyelashes! I think they lift any makeup look and take it to the next level. I am always on the hunt for cheap lashes that are high in quality.

I purchased these from savers and they were incredibly cheap! I was automatically drawn to these by the adorable packaging. After looking at the price tag I convinced myself to get both a natural pair I can wear daily and a more dramatic pair for evenings. They are yet to disappoint me.

The more natural pair add a flirty, fluttery look to my lashes and I can wear them with literally anything.

The more dramatic pair are not over the top at all, to the point of being unflattering.  In fact, they are actually quite wearable for a daily look, making them a staple for taking your makeup from day to night. They add a cute twist to any makeup look I create and give me a 50’s feel when I wear them.

It’s safe to say, finding yourself a decent lash adhesive is half the battle in getting a good set of false lashes. The glue that comes with these is relatively good! It goes tacky quickly which is great if you’re an impatient person like myself and sticks the lashes down well. It keeps them stuck down for a relatively long time, however occasionally I do find myself having to re-apply a little more glue just to stick the ends back down, the glue can also get stuck on your natural eyelashes and I do sometimes find myself having to actually pick it off.

Saying that If you are looking for lashes on a budget these are still a great buy!
Thanks for reading!

Lots Of Love! x


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