My October Halloween Makeup Looks

As you normally see a girly side to me on here, you may not know that I am very much into all things gross and gore and enjoy creating scary/gory looks. Halloween has been and gone and if you follow my Instagram (makemeuplottie) then you may have already seen a sneak peak of these looks throughout the month of October, but for those of you who haven’t, I hope you enjoy.



I LOVE everything to do with zombies. Zombie games from Dead Island to Dead Rising.  My favourite TV show is Walking Dead and any zombie movie, such as Zombieland and Dawn of the Dead have a special place in my heart. It’s safe to say this look makes it extremely hard to do daily activities such as talking, so not the most practical of looks, but it’s definitely worth it if you get to look like a gory zombie for a couple of hours.

Demon Witch


This creepy look was inspired by the Bell Witch; I plan on writing a separate post solely dedicated to this makeup look (so keep an eye out for that). This look is a little less messy but a lot more disturbing. Perfect for creeping out your family, friends and strangers on the street.

Broken Nails


I thought this look was a combination of cute and dramatic; it was  quite simple to create although this was my first attempt so it wasn’t quite perfect. I just popped on an all black outfit and was good to go; the only thing missing were some antlers which resulted me wearing a flower crown instead.

Flower Girl

This was definitely the most simple of looks I created, I liked the flexibility of it. It could be worn with any outfit, any hairstyle and was very quick and easy to create.

Thank you for reading about my Halloween looks!

Lots Of Love x



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