Pro:voke Touch of Silver shampoo and conditioner review. (Are they any good)


If you have seen any of my OOTD’S you will know I am in fact a blonde and any fellow blondes out there who dye their hair will know the feeling when you wash out the dye and get those pesky brassy tones.

Every time I get my roots done I am faced with this issue. I’ve tried a few purple shampoos and conditioners before and I have to say none have worked quite as fast as this one. I noticed the difference after the first wash with my hair turning almost white following the second! I was incredibly pleased with this, as I would love to have white hair but don’t want to go through the process of bleaching it.

The conditioner works really well with my hair making it feel and look extremely soft and shiny. The products work very well together and my hair continues to remain healthy since using them.

I love the smell of both these products, however this is obviously all down to personal preference. One thing I would say, be careful not to over-use.  In my case too many washes leaves my hair with a slight grey-ish tone.  If you do not desire a grey tint and just want to simply eliminate brassy tones then I would recommend not to use these products continuously. I did however  notice that after going back to a regular shampoo and conditioner the “white” look that I liked so much faded, so to keep the effect I occasionally switch back to the Pro:voke products.

Below is a picture of my hair colour now after using the Pro:voke products a fair few times on a regular basis.


I hope this has been helpful. Remember all products work differently for each individual person and it’s all about what is best suited for you. Hopefully, you will find these products work as well for you as they do for me.


Thanks for reading!

Lots Of Love x


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