My Experience with Micro Bead Hair Extensions



Something that I haven’t mentioned before is that over the summer I had Micro Bead Extensions in my hair. For those of you not familiar with these, they are simply extensions with little beads attached to the ends that clamp onto your hair and depending on how you look after them, they can last for around 3 months.


Fitting the extensions

I’d first like to say, that just the fittng of these extensions in a salon can be extremely costly and prices do vary, so do your research.  I purchased my set of 200 strands from Amazon from the company LAN. The cost of everything from the hair to the kit came too around £60 and the extensions were, in my opinion, good quality. I  fitted the extensions myself, although this did take a very long time (around 6/7 hours) and I kept them in for around 2 months.

I’m honestly glad I chose to fit them myself. However, I would say that  if you are fitting these extensions yourself make sure you have someone to help you put them in.  Also, research how you fit them and how your hair should be sectioned; this is to avoid matting your hair and so the beads won’t show. If you aren’t confident in fitting the extensions yourself there is nothing wrong with seeking a professional to fit these for you.

How I Cared for the Extensions

It is important to give the proper care to your hair whilst the extensions are fitted, this will not only keep the extensions in better condition for longer but it will also prevent damage to your real hair. These are some of the ways I looked after mine;

  1. When going to bed at night I tied my hair up in a plait to avoid knotting the extensions.
  2. I used a hair mask every time I washed my hair to keep the extensions nice and soft.
  3. When washing my hair I did not put my head/hair underwater to rinse out product; to prevent knotting the extensions.
  4. I used leave in conditioner to help keep the extensions in great condition.
  5. I used a brush that is not too rough on the extensions, such as a tangle tease or wig brush. I also brushed them regularly.

Good and bad points I found with micro bead extensions


  1. Before having the micro bead extensions I would wear clip-ins every day. Once I had the micro bead extensions in I could have nice long hair all the time which I loved!
  2. Non-damaging! These extensions are said to not damage your hair. I can say once I took them out of my hair it wasn’t damaged and if anything the condition of my own hair had probably improved due to the fact I was taking better care of my hair in general.  When styling it using heat I wasn’t touching my real hair as much  but more the extensions themselves. This reduced heat damage. When I took them out I  did notice a fair amount of hair came out with them, however it is said that you lose 100 hairs a day and that all the hair that came out is just the natural shedding that had been held in by the extensions.
  3. Surprisingly enough the extensions were not uncomfortable. This includes sleeping in them as I couldn’t really notice them. They pulled less of my hair than I find my clip-in extensions do.
  4. They were very well priced, and lasted a reasonable amount of time, they would have lasted longer had I not chosen to take them out.


  1. If put in incorrectly they can cause matting. I will admit I put the bottom section in myself, this was a terrible idea, as  I was unable to see how I was putting them in and the bottom section of my hair became very matted over the couple of months. Fortunately, I was able to get all the knots out with little to no damage to my actual hair.
  2. Due to the beads being all over my head it was hard to create certain hairstyles due to the beads being difficult to hide.
  3. The fact that you potentially have double the amount of hair on your head can get very hot and itchy, which can be quite uncomfortable. However, not only that but it’s very hard to itch your head or cool it down due to the beads being in the way.
  4. The extensions took a very long time to dry.
  5. The process of taking them in and out also took a very long time.

Overall, I do miss having them and have no regrets spending the money to try them.  My natural hair is now longer but I would definitely get them again if I wanted to increase the length.  I would however recommend you do your own  indepth research  before making a decision. This was just my experience with them and everyone is different. Keep this in mind and remember the results may not be the same for you as they were for me.


The images in this post are of me with the extensions in, my natural hair was to just above my shoulders. I hope this has been helpful and thank you for reading!

Lots of love x


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