My Current Favourite Makeup Brushes


Kryolan Flat Foundation brush


I feel a regular flat foundation brush is an essential item to have in any brush collection. This Brush is probably my go to daily foundation brush at the moment. Not only does it blend out foundation flawlessly, but due to its size it does this relatively fast, this is perfect for those mornings where I need to be out the door fast but still want to wear makeup. The brush is very soft and feels nice and gentle on the skin.

Real techniques Sculpting Brush


I will often use this brush when applying makeup for a night out. It is a great combination, being both firm and soft at the same time, making it not only perfect for blending out foundation and concealer flawlessly but also perfect for contouring and highlighting the face with cream foundations. It is the best brush for getting into the hollows of the face and blending out the contour and highlight colours in the specific areas you want them blended.

Elf Stipple Brush


The Elf Stipple Brush is definitely the most affordable of these three brushes. This brush is used when I want to give a natural yet air brush looking finish to my makeup look. I tend to use this brush for the “no makeup, makeup days” when I apply BB Cream as appose to foundation.

My favourite brushes change quite frequently so keep an eye out for future posts!

Thanks for reading!

Lots Of Love x


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