The Perfect Lazy Day Guide!

I think it’s safe to say that everyone loves a lazy day every once in a while! In a world so hectic it’s important to have those days to yourself where you can relax and take it easy. These are some steps that I take for the perfect lazy day!

Step 1

Put on some comfy clothes (or just stay in your PJs). The outfit of choice for the picture below was an oversized knitted jumper and Harry Potter Pyjama shorts, both of which are from Primark.


Step 2

Make a hot beverage of your choice.

There is nothing cosier than a hot drink on a cold, grey, rainy day.


Step 3

Pamper yourself (create your own miniature spa in your home)

Treating yourself to a little pamper session is not only a way to help you relax but will also do wonders for your skin and body.

Run a hot LUSH bath- You have not lived until you have experienced a LUSH bath. I personally love the bubble bars for a nice smelling and relaxing, bubbly bath.  The Candy Mountain bubble bar is one of my favourites because of the lovely smell and the bubbles it makes. An extra step you could take after your lovely LUSH bath is to apply a body butter or body lotion so that you are left smelling nice all day!

Face masks- I love face masks and use them as frequently as I can. I think they are a great tool for relaxation and making both yourself and your skin feel pampered. I personally recommend these face masks that can be purchased from any local High Street store such as Boots and Superdrug for only £1.00. Not only are they affordable but they make my skin look and feel great!


If you suffer from dark circles I would recommend these under dark circle patches, I find them very soothing on the skin and they are a great addition to a face mask.


Paint your nails- I always feel so much better and put together once my nails are painted. I also find the task of painting them to be quite calming, however one thing I hate is waiting for them too dry.  I’ve recently been using New Look matte nail polishes and I have been very impressed by them. They dry extremely fast and leave a very good finish.


Step 4

Put on your favourite movie or TV series, play some video games or read a good book. Grab a tasty snack (I suggest pizza, popcorn or both!) and snuggle up in bed with a cosy blanket. The one I have is from Lipsy and I love it!


I hope you have enjoyed this post! Thank you for reading.

Lots Of Love x


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