Outfit of the day (I Love Plaid)


As you can probably see by the title of this post I am very much into plaid print. I have recently been to one of my favourite stores Primark and it is here that I always spend more money than I plan too, it’s all very bitter sweet.   I did however get some fantastic goodies this time, one of which is this plaid print dress.

Firstly, I love the fit of this dress.   It is quite loosely fitted but still flatters my figure, which is most unusual as my fair amount of cleavage usually gets in the way. The loose fit is also great for when you’re going out for a meal as it hides the inevitable food baby perfectly.


The material is incredibly comfy and soft, it is also relatively insulating. It’s a multipurpose dress that you can wear anywhere, from a coffee date with the girls or a day trip shopping, to an evening meal or a date night at the cinema.

I paired this dress with a fluffy black coat from New Look, adding a black and blush pink bag from Primark. I love the colours and style of the bag,  it’s the perfect combination of both simple and chic with the little faux fur attachment adding to the overall style. Not too mention it was only £12.00!


I chose two pairs of shoes with this outfit, one pair of flats and a pair of heels.

The heels are from Matalan and are great for dressing up the outfit, they add sophistication giving a more formal yet still casual look.

The flats are yet again from Primark and are great for the casual, daytime look. I chose them simply because I love the colour and the bows on the front. The shoes match the colour of the bag perfectly and the bows add a cute twist to the overall outfit (I also love bows).

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed!

Lots Of Love x


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