Real Techniques Brush Set (the brush favourites)


I adore Real Techniques brushes and I think it’s safe to say that they are one of the best high street brands when it comes to makeup brushes. I could not say no when I saw this selection of brushes in boots reduced from £108 all the way down to £40. This set featured all the favourites of the Real Techniques range and although they are all good, I do have my favourites.

Stippling Brush


This brush is great for blending out foundation and concealer, it leaves the skin looking airbrushed and blends foundation out flawlessly and quickly. The bristles are very soft and feel nice on the skin, the brush is also relatively stiff allowing you to blend out product easily and get into certain areas of the face such as the under eye area.

Contour Brush


This brush is great for getting in any hollows of the face, such as under the cheek bones, under the eyes or the sides of the nose etc. Much like the stipple brush it is soft and feels nice on the face. It’s a multi purpose brush which I can use for contouring or blending out concealer or a cream highlight as it leaves a flawless finish.

Setting Brush


This is a lovely brush for applying powdered highlight, it’s small so can apply product perfectly on the cheek bones, cupids bow, tip of the nose etc. and blends out the product seamlessly.

Eye Shadow Brushes


(Angled Brush, Base Shadow Brush and Angled Shadow Brush)

These three brushes are an amazing trio when it comes to eye shadow application. They each have great individual qualities and blend out eye shadows quickly and extremely well,  making the overall application of eye shadow much times easier.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

Lots Of Love x



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