2017 Goals


I don’t necessarily believe in big resolutions for the new year due to the fact I think it adds an unneccesary amount of pressure and I am terrible at sticking to them, so instead I set myself achievable goals. These goals are a mix of both personal and blog related, I hope you enjoy!

  1. Create a blogging schedule-i’d like to be more organised when it comes to blogging in 2017 and upload posts on set days of the week every week.
  2. Start a Youtube Channel- On top of my blog i’d love to start a Youtube channel as I have wanted one ever since the early years of 2007/2008 but never quite had the confidence to start one. What do you guys think of me starting my own YouTube channel?
  3. Search for opportunities- Next year i’m going to stop hoping for opportunities to come to me and instead go out an find them.
  4. Accept opportunities and challenges- On top of my previous goal I am also going to take on more opportunities given to me. I tend to put myself down and stop myself from doing any challenges due to the fear of failure, I can be my own worst enemy and convince myself I will mess up as appose to trying and seeing what happens.
  5. Collaborations- In 2017 i’d love to collaborate with other bloggers/instagramers etc. to not only change up my posts but to also build friendships.
  6. Compliment at least one stranger wherever I go- This is very random but nothing makes me feel better than knowing I have made someone smile and boosted their confidence (even if it’s slightly) for the day.
  7. Improve my OOTD posts- I plan on stepping up my game when it comes to outfit posts and go to different/more interesting locations.
  8. Embrace my natural beauty- It has been a personal journey of accepting my flaws for how they are, now that I am learning to accept them, next year I hope to embrace them instead of hide them.
  9. Do more to help others- I really do enjoy helping people and giving advice. In 2017 I plan to do more to help people, this includes things like volunteering, which I will blog/vlog and advice posts every week.
  10. Fully appreciate my family- Family is and has always been very important to me, and being fortunate enough to live in a very close knit family has led me to take my time with them for granted. This year has taught me more than any other year to really cherish each moment and spend time with them whenever I can.

I hope you all have a great new years and may 2017 bring you happiness and adventure!

Thanks for reading!

Lots Of Love x



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