(A Very Late) December Favourites

Yes, yes I know… This is a very late December favourites, but better late than never right? I plan on doing a favourites post every month from now on (providing I have enough for a post). I hope you enjoy reading and let me know a product you loved in the month of December.



Although this favourite is not a makeup product itself, it is still to do with makeup application so I definitely felt the need to include it. This is my Real Techniques brush set. I LOVE every single one of these brushes and the fact I got them at such a great price makes it all the better.



My favourite beauty  product of the month is my under eye patches. These feel incredibly soothing on the under eye area and for someone who has dark circles, like myself, are a great addition for the lazy morning routine, days when you’re getting ready for an event or for daily use if you have the time, as the product should sit under the eyes for at least 15-20 minutes to help achieve the best results.



The Lee Stafford Hair Growth Leave in Conditioner is definitely a must when it comes to hair products this month, although I can’t say whether or not it has sped up the speed in which my hair has grown it does make my hair feel and look incredibly soft and healthy. It is also the perfect product to help brush out knotted, wet hair.

I reviewed other Lee Stafford hair growth products in a previous post if you wish to check it out?

Lee Stafford Hair Growing Shampoo and Conditioner. Does it really work?



A clothing favourite of the month is my current daily bag that I purchased from Primark. Although it is small looking, allowing me to get in and out of tight spaces easily, it holds a fair amount of items. Not to mention I am in love with the appearance of the bag, particularly the colour scheme of the black, gold and pink.

TV Programme

A quick fact about me is I am very much into anime/manga’s and my favourite programme of the month has been the anime Attack On Titan, if you are into anime I highly recommend this one. The shows constant unexpected plot twists literally leave you on the edge of your seat and if you’re one for gore this anime certainly isn’t lacking in that department.


“DNA”- Lia Marie Johnson

I cannot say how many times I have played this song this month and how long it is stuck in my head afterwards. It’s a very sad and personal song that would definitely be relatable to so many people.

Thanks for reading my very late December Favourites!

Lots Of Love x



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