Chit Chat Tuesday: Body Shaming


This is a topic that somewhat frustrates me for a number of reasons. Not only does body shaming offend various groups of people, but it pits different groups of body types against one another and only makes achieving societies high beauty standards even more impossible.

Being very slim has been glorified in fashion magazines and on runways for a very long time, shaming people of bigger sizes and encouraging eating disorders, specifically in a lot of young people trying to achieve an unhealthy body. On the flip side of this social media promotes being bigger is better. I have seen a large number of memes/comments on my feed skinny shaming, saying quotes like “having curves because nobody wants to hug a stick.”

It angers me to see that in order to make ourselves feel better about our bodies we have to put other body types down. We can never find a middle ground of seeing the beauty in all sizes and encouraging a healthy and happy body.

People are born with different body types and different metabolisms, some people have a slower metabolism and gain weight a lot easier than people who have fast metabolisms and are naturally very slim. It’s incredibly confidence destroying to be going about your day and see something that shames your body type when it is something you cannot control.

Instead of sticking to the idea that you have to have specific proportions and a specific shape in order to have the ideal body we should just glorify being healthy and happy in the skin we’re in!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!
Lots Of Love x



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