Comfy and Cosy OOTD

To be completely honest with you I would much rather go out in pyjamas than my regular clothes. However, for some bizarre reason this is deemed as socially unacceptable, but I do believe that I have put together an outfit, involving my beloved trackies and jumper, that still looks somewhat fashionable (or at least appropriate enough to wear out and about) but is as comfy as pj’s.


I purchased the jumper from New Look, the thing that I like about it is not only it’s slouchy look/feel but the fact that it’s cropped. The cropped look helps give my body shape so i’m not over whelmed by baggy clothing. I think the colour black can smarten up any look and the white and purple elements on the sleeves give the jumper more character and give an almost chic feel to the look.


The track pants are also from New Look and they are MEGA COMFY. I love when track pants go in tighter on the bottoms for a more fitted look. The white stripes on the legs match with the white on the jumper bringing the look together.


I tucked the track pants into my boots from Primark for a cosier look. These shoes are perfect for them cosy outfit days as they feel like ugs but look smarter in an outfit.


Overall I think the outfit has a sporty and casual feel, it is super, super comfy without looking like I went out in my pyjamas, and I LOVE IT!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed! In my opinion wear what you want in public as long as you’re confident and comfortable (and you’re not breaking any laws obviously) then go for it!

Lots Of Love x


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