Chit Chat Tuesday: How To Love Your Boobs!

Big or small we all have them, and something I have noticed is we all want what we don’t have, people with big boobs want them to be smaller and people with small boobs want them to be bigger. We just can’t win can we?!

This post is filled with some tips and tricks all about how you can learn to love your boobs. Before I begin I want to give you some back story on my relationship with my boobs. My boobs grew big very quickly in my high school years and during this time I didn’t think anything of it, it wasn’t until my college years I began to develop a hateful relationship with my boobs.I noticed how they were uneven is size and shape, not all that perky and that it was incredibly hard to find outfits to flatter my body shape due to them being in the way.



I can not even begin to explain how important this is! I always thought I was a 32 DD until going to get my bra fitted and discovering I was in fact a 32 F! Since wearing this new bra size my boobs feel/look so much better, my clothes fit me better, bring out my figure and my overall body shape looks better. It has genuinely been such a positive body transformation for me. The lady who fitted my bra also showed me the various bra styles there were and what would suit my breast shape best/what bra style I should go for, i.e. plunge, balcony or push-up bras. I was completely unaware of how much science there was behind bra shopping!


When I say “dress for your boobs” I simply mean wearing clothing that’ll compliment them more. It’s not about hiding you breast size or creating the illusion of bigger/smaller boobs, it’s about working what you have!

Having a smaller cup size means high necks and buttoned up collars look absolutely fab on you! That doesn’t mean to say you have to be completely covered,  you can easily rock the side boob fashion trend and can make loose/baggy clothing look chic and fashionable.

Don’t let having small boobs make you think you can’t work a low cut top, this is not the case! I always think a low cut top with a smaller cup size gives off a look like you’ve just walked off of a fashion runway.

To my fellow big boob girls out there, having big boobs doesn’t mean you’re stuck to wearing low cut tops and plunging neck lines. Off the shoulder outfits and crop tops can also flatter them bad boys, believe it or not wearing baggy clothing items on your torso can also look amazing providing you balance it out with something more fitted below.


The days of only certain boob sizes suiting lingerie are over. Anyone can wear and look great in any lingerie, I honestly think getting cute bra/underwear/lingerie sets can help you really appreciate your boobs for what they are.


The sooner you accept your boobs are the way they are the sooner you can start to love them! It’s a journey accepting your body, but remember bodily trends are constantly changing and before you know it you have what is the next trend. Just because you do not fit a trend at that specific time does not make your body any less beautiful. We just need to accept the fact that what we have is beautiful and we need to flaunt and work with our boobs instead of against them.

Thank you for reading!

Lots Of Love x


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