Chit Chat Tuesday: Popularity


Popularity is a complicated thing, especially in school, but in this specific post I am going to be talking about my experience with “popularity” in high school. Going to an all girls high school  I thought there wouldn’t necessarily be a “popular” group, but I was very wrong.

Throughout high school I was always considered in the middle, I wasn’t unpopular but I was in no way at all popular, just in the middle. From the age of 12 until I was about 14/15 years old I will admit that I wanted to be in the “popular” group, it seemed fun with their constant parties, I would no longer have to worry about anyone making fun of me and much like most popular cliques there just seemed to be something better about it than being where I was.

It wasn’t until the day I was sitting in a lesson and saw/heard them making fun of a girl for no reason what so ever. Straight away I thought to myself “how could they  do that and still feel good about themselves, how can they possibly think that is an okay thing to do?” I instantly knew I no longer wanted to be associated with people like this, who bullied and intimidated others for their own entertainment.

The remainder of my high school years consisted of me realising how these girls were not popular because they were liked by  large amounts of people, (the definition of popularity) but because people were intimidated and scared by them. It was like the food chain where they were at the top purely because they were the most intimidating predator, when in reality without each other they weren’t anything.

I’m so glad I let go of the bizarre idea of wanting to be popular and stuck to being myself and built relationships with everyone in the right way. It has been a little over 3 years since I left high school and who/who wasn’t popular is and always will be irrelevant. Although I can’t look back and think I was “popular” I can look back and think I was a decent human being, which to me is far more important.

Thanks for reading this random little Chit Chat post!

Lots Of Love x



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