My Experience With Eyelash Extensions: Would I Recommend Them


Having eyelash extensions is a glamorous thing that all your favourite celebrities have done. I had eyelash extensions for a couple of months and having had them removed for a over a month now I decided to write a post about my experience with them, for anybody who is considering getting them fitted.

The Good

  1. Made my morning routine quicker and easier-  With eyelash extensions my eyelashes already looked fabulous and glam, this meant I was able to skip mascara and curling my lashes. I also felt the need to wear less makeup, making my morning routine even faster, and as a girl who enjoys a good lay in this was definitely a positive.
  2. Encouraged me to wear no makeup more- This may seem like a bizarre positive but I felt the need to include it. Once I got eyelash extensions I went from never leaving the house without makeup to not caring and going out and about without makeup on all the time. This not only benefited my skin, but also made me feel more confident without makeup, which has allowed me to feel more confident without it even now that I don’t have eyelash extensions.
  3. They look great with any makeup look- Whether it was for a night out or a natural day time look, the lashes looked fab. Gone were the days of spending time glueing on false lashes and mascara application and I could wake up the next day still looking glam.

The Bad

  1. Made washing my face and taking my makeup off a little more difficult than I anticipated- It’s safe to say eyelash extensions made the process of cleaning my face longer and more hassle, as you cannot rub the extensions taking off eyeliner and eye shadow became a test of precision and patience. I also felt I could never quite take all of my eye makeup off.

Washing my face was also a slight challenge, not only because I couldn’t rub the extensions but water sat in them. This meant I was unable to open my eyes until my lashes were completely dry and I found myself having to dry them separately with a towel.

2. Expensive- I know this comes as no surprise to you when I say eyelash extensions are pretty pricey. When I first got mine fitted it was £40 and the infills were £25 each time. I needed infills every 3 weeks totalling to a grand total of £50 every 6 weeks. For someone who only earns minimum wage on a part time contract this was getting a little hard to keep up.

3.  Damaging to your lashes- After the removal of the extensions my lashes were left incredibly damaged. One eye was left with thin, limp and broken lashes and the other eye was left with virtually no eyelashes left what so ever. Thankfully I have been using products to help condition them and they have grown back fast and healthy!

Final thoughts

In my opinion if you can afford the upkeep of eyelash extensions and you plan on continuously having them I would say go for it! If you are like me and don’t plan on keeping the extensions going I would recommend not getting them, instead maybe go for a lash tint or a lash lift and tint!

Thanks for reading! I hope this was helpful!

Lots Of Love x



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