My Current Favourite Cruelty Free Drugstore Makeup/Beauty Brands!

As an animal lover, there is nothing more disappointing to me than finding a makeup/beauty brand I absolutely adore and discovering that they are not cruelty free. I also know how hard it is to find quality drugstore brands that are cruelty free.

I have put together a list of drugstore beauty/makeup brands that I personally love and are in fact cruelty free.

Makeup Brands

Makeup Revolution


I have spoken about makeup revolution before in a post and it is hands down one of my favourite cruelty free drugstore brands. It is not only incredibly affordable but is also high in quality when it comes to eye shadows and highlighters, in fact this is my go to brand if I am in need of an eye shadow/highlight palette but don’t want to spend a lot of money. The palettes are incredibly pigmented, blend-able and long lasting. However I do find the Makeup Revolution concealer/foundation products are not as good as other brands and would recommend going elsewhere for a foundation, concealer, powder etc.

If you fancy it check out my post on my favourite makeup revolution palettes!

I love Makeup Revolution! 3 Palettes every makeup lover needs



Sleek is another go to brand for quality powdered contour, highlight and blush palettes. Not only do they have such a wide range of colours and shades, their powdered palettes are incredibly pigmented and blend-able. I always find when using them a little bit goes an extremely long way, meaning it takes a while for me to hit pan, making the product not only affordable but incredibly cost effective!

Soap and Glory


Not only is Soap and Glory one of my favourite makeup brands, it is also a double threat as it also supplies amazing beauty products!

Let’s start with the makeup! I honestly love soap and glory foundation/concealer products, especially the One Heck of a Blot Foundation, due its high coverage, matte finish and how long lasting it is. The Kick Ass Under Eye Concealers are perfect for brightening and highlighting those pesky dark circles. Soap and Glory is also my go to brand for lip products, specifically their lip plumping glosses.

Now onto their beauty range, I have purchased multiple body lotions, body washes and hand creams and I have loved all of them! They have all smelt incredibly delicious and left my skin feeling soft and smelling fab. The Soap and Glory hand food is a favourite for a lot of people I know helping them with their eczema and dried/chapped hands.

Beauty Brands

Lee Stafford


I have raved multiple times about Lee Stafford on this blog and that is because I just adore his cruelty free products. I myself love his hair growth products, they have left my hair so incredibly healthy and genuinely feeling great.

When studying hair and makeup in college last year for the most part we only used Lee Stafford products, they all worked great on every hair type I worked with and smelt amazing!

Lee Stafford Hair Growing Shampoo and Conditioner. Does it really work?



It’s safe to say I have saved the best until last! I have a huge obsession with LUSH products and the fact that they are both vegan and cruelty free makes me love them as a brand even more!

Whenever I use LUSH products I just know i’m going to get quality for my money and I am going to be doing my skin/hair etc. a load of good. Their products are great because they are all natural, smell incredible and in my opinion genuinely work.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

Lots Of Love x




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