Tips For Treating Acne

If you read my previous post you would know that I had moderately bad acne in High School, because I was so obsessed with getting rid of my acne I was constantly trying out different scrubs, masks and techniques. Over the years I have found what has/hasn’t worked for me.

  • Give acne products a chance- When using acne clearing products we seem to expect miracles over night, when in reality we need to give these products some time to actually work. In the past I have found that some products also bring out spots before clearing them. On the flip side of this, keep in mind some products may be to harsh for your skin, if you start seeing an overly negative reaction stop using it immediately.


  • Don’t over use different products on your skin- Because I was so desperate to clear my skin I was constantly using different products on my acne on a daily basis. This led to my acne getting worse due to the various products being to harsh on my skin and I would often be allergic to a product I was using, but I was unable to tell what product it was because I was using so many at one time. Over cleaning your skin can also be bad as you are stripping away your skin’s natural oils.


  • Try and use natural products as much as you can- I found my overall complexion was improved when I was using  products that contained more natural ingredients. However this can obviously be expensive, so I would recommend creating your own natural masks/scrubs. Products I found worked really well with my acne were things like; lemons, honey, green tea and cucumber.
  • Drink water- I know, this is the most obvious point ever and if you’re someone who hates water like myself you’re probably fed up with hearing this. However, since I increased my water intake my skin has genuinely been the best it has ever been before. If you don’t like water I would recommend adding a slice of lemon, cucumber or frozen fruit for a bit of flavour or drink sparkling water.


  • Say bye to makeup wipes- I use to be a massive makeup wipe user until last year when I started using Micellar water. I always found my skin never felt clean and my face makeup just got moved around when using wipes, I never liked the residue they left behind even when I washed my face afterwards. I only use them in the cases of emergencies and I feel my skin is a lot happier for it.

These are just a few ways I have been keeping my skin clear, it is important to note I do take a contraceptive pill to help control my acne. However even with the pill I do still get breakouts and my skin is very unpredictable, these tips and tricks are a good starting point for helping me to keep my breakouts at their minimum. We all have different skin types so something that works for me may not be the same for someone else, it’s all about trying things out until you find what works for you.

Thanks For Reading!
Lots Of Love x


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