Chit Chat Tuesday: Look How You Want

A pet peeve of mine is when people judge and demean others solely because of how they want to look, i.e. how their hair/makeup is, what they are wearing etc. When as long as it isn’t harming or negatively affecting anyone/anything else, I don’t see why it concerns anyone but the person who is wearing that outfit or that hairstyle/makeup look.

Why are we so affected by other people’s appearance choices when it isn’t going to make a difference to our lives? Why do we have such a fixation on outer image that we forget how to be a decent human to other humans? Who cares if that boy on the bus wants to wear leggings, why does it matter if that girl wants to wear bright blue eye shadow with green lipstick, or that 20 year old woman wants to wear a low cut top to show some cleavage? If it is what makes them feel good about themselves and allows them to leave the house feeling like they are ready to face the day who are you to judge and criticise them for that.

When we are fortunate enough to live in a part of the world where we are able to express ourselves through our appearance, don’t ruin it for the people who are taking full advantage of that.

Whilst yes I can understand if someone is wearing something that is racially offensive or it required harming an innocent creature in order to make it (such as real fur) is unacceptable, but when it is not harmful in any way and is making someone genuinely happy, I honestly say why can’t we keep our opinions to ourselves and let them do them.

Rant over, I hope you enjoyed reading. Wear what you want, look how you want. If you are proud of your body and want to show a bit of skin go for it! If you want to wear clothes from the opposite gender do it! Wear what makeup/hair you are feeling that day, if anyone tries to bring you down or judge you they are probably just jealous because they don’t have that level of confidence.

Lots Of Love x

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