January Favourites

January flew by and we are now obviously in February! These are just a few of my favourite products/items in January!



A beauty favourite of mine last month was the Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream perfume. I received this as a Christmas present and when I unwrapped it the first thing I acknowledged was the absolutely stunning bottle!

I briefly spoke about this product on my Instagram (Makemeuplottie) but this perfume really did surprise me. I am typically not a fan of floral scents and tend to gravitate more to sweet smells but this perfume is the perfect combination of both floral and sweet. It has such a feminine and girly scent that would be great for the spring time, but I don’t think it will last that long considering I use it basically everyday. The scent lasts all day and I always get compliments when wearing it!


I have been loving this combination of skin care products last month! The Mask of Magnaminty face mask is a long time favourite of mine. It feels great on my skin and is great for controlling breakouts. It’s all natural and smells amazing if you love the smell of mint.

The Dream Cream Hand/Body Lotion is very soothing and makes my skin feel lovely and soft. The product has a slight lavender scent, making it the perfect product to wear to bed to help you relax.



A fashion favourite of mine are these adorable Daisy London earrings. Although these are probably more suitable for the spring time, I currently wear them all the time regardless.

Back at it again with my obsession with packaging! The simplicity of the bag/box is very aesthetically pleasing and looks great sitting in my room.

The earrings are small and dainty, the perfect addition for days when I want to feel a bit girly.


Home ware


My candle obsession is growing (as if that is possible). I received a Yankee Candle Christmas set for Christmas and although these scents are a little Christmassy for this time of year, they still smell amazing and burn for a long time considering the mini size of them.


If you’re a fan of the beauty blender then you are going to love these mini versions of the beauty blender! Not only are they unbelievably cute, they are also great at blending out product in the under eye area, hard to reach parts of the face and spots. It allows the product to sit on the face, creating a full coverage and air brushed look.


Favourite TV Show

This is extremely random, but I have a huge fascination with the Japanese culture and have been watching Japanese game shows. They have been such an entertaining part to my weeks I cannot even describe. Even when there are no subtitles (meaning I have no idea what people are saying) I am still entertained.

Favourite Game

Now I know i’m late on the Shadow Of Mordor train but I started playing it last month, contemplating whether I would enjoy it or not and I definitely do! It is such a gripping and entertaining game that makes you want to sit on it for hours and hours.

I plan on doing a post about my favourite games soon, so if you’re into video games keep an eye out!


Favourite Song

I didn’t have a specific favourite song but I do have a band that I absolutely adore! The name of the band is Drive Time and in my opinion they are the perfect mix of 1975 and The Neighbourhood with a very slight hint of punk in there. I love every single song released so far, they have the perfect chill vibe to them and stay stuck in your head all day.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

Lots Of Love x

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