Makeup Revolution Love The Revolution Palette Review

We are back again with Makeup Revolution, as soon as I saw this palette I instantly knew that I needed it in my life!


The shadows in this palette are very pigmented and blend-able. I found they lasted throughout the day and didn’t fade or drop down into the crease. The colours with shimmer in them leave a beautiful finish, making me feel like a princess.



The highlight of this palette isn’t as pigmented as the eye shadows and as a girl who loves her highlight I do find myself having to layer the product. However for those who like a subtle highlight this may work better for you. It is also quite hard to blend so it is best to slowly build up the colour and blend it out as you go.

The palette was incredibly affordable and is definitely value for your money, I would highly recommend it if you are into less neutral colours and like to go for more colourful and fun yet wearable looks.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

Lots Of Love x

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