Chit Chat Tuesday: Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a growing trend, whenever i’m on Instagram there are always videos of people getting lip injections, photos of different nose jobs and various YouTube stars/celebrities announcing they are getting plastic surgery done.

When it comes to plastic surgery you are either accepting of it or not accepting of it. I am personally accepting of it. My opinion on it is if someone is incredibly insecure about something that they feel only plastic surgery will fix and they are financially stable enough to afford it, I say it’s their hard earned money and their body.

People are extremely judgemental of others getting plastic surgery saying “it’s all fake beauty” Or “you’re a bad role model if you get plastic surgery.” When in all honesty it is something that is only affecting the person receiving the surgery, they are not harming anyone else and it is something that is going to build their confidence, and confidence/self assurance is a very beautiful thing.

By someone getting plastic surgery, they are not turning around and saying that everyone should get it, they are simply changing something THEY don’t like on THEIR face/body. If someone wants to be influenced by someone else’s plastic surgery decisions that is their choice.

I am all about self acceptance and self love and if someone feels that the only way they will achieve this is through surgery, we should not be one to judge them for that.

Thanks for reading!

Lots Of Love x



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