Throwback Photo Shoot

The summer is a time of year that I always find myself missing. I love the heat, the sun and that is doesn’t get dark until super late. On dark and dreary days in the UK I find myself reminiscing about the Summer time.

It came to my attention I am yet to share a post on an SFX meets fashion photo shoot with you guys.

The Photographer for the shoot was Jaz Nicholls, she is extremely talented and if you wish to see more work of hers you can check out her Facebook page here: Jazs Pics

We wanted to keep a casual meets scary and somewhat sexy vibe. We loved the  photo shoot location, as we felt it gave a zombie apocalypse vibe and as zombie lovers we were more than excited about this.


As well as the zombie vibe, I wanted to represent a bad ass, strong, independent woman surviving in a derelict society, whilst at the same time twisting it to be a fashion photo shoot.




This is probably my favourite photo of the shoot, purely because of how the photographer edited it and how incredible the background looks. It really gives off an apocalypse vibe and overall looks awesome.


For the makeup I simply applied my everyday eye makeup at the time and paired it with a red lip.
For the SFX side of the look I used fake blood, fake scab blood, scar wax, liquid latex mixed with tissue paper, a bruise wheel and a corpse wheel mixed with a pale foundation.bo3a7903bo3a7885

Thanks for reading! I plan on doing more photo shoots soon so keep an eye out for them!

Lots Of Love x



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