My Experience With Half Wigs


I am a girl who loves a full set of hair extensions, I love having long hair and always have. This is why it surprised people when I had my hair cut into a bob, followed by a pixie cut. I enjoyed the early stages of having a pixie cut, it felt empowering and was nice to change up my look to something I had wanted for a long time.

After a little while I began growing out my pixie cut and the grow out of that pixie cut was horrible, I felt very insecure and didn’t feel like me. To tackle this I purchased a half wig, which saved everything!

For those who do not know what a half wig is, it is a 3/4 hair piece that you slide into place at the top and bottom of your head. If you have short hair, like I did, it is best to tie your hair into a low pony tail to help keep the wig in place and if you have longer hair you can either tie it up into a slightly higher pony tail, or leave your hair down.


Here are some good and bad points I found with having a half wig for those who are looking into purchasing one.

The Good

  • Quick application – Half wigs are perfect for those days when you are in a rush or don’t want to spend a lot of time on your hair. This is because all you are doing is putting half of your hair into a pony tail and simply placing the half wig over the pony tail and attaching it into place.
  • Affordable- Both the half wigs I own are faux hair, making them very affordable for false hair, the maximum I paid for a half wig was around £22.00 at the time but you can find even cheaper ones on websites such as Amazon.
  • Amazing for short hair, a blunt haircut or hiding a bad haircut- People with short or a blunt hair cut who have tried wearing hair extensions will know the struggle of blending them with your hair. With a half wig this struggle becomes a distant memory. It also hides a bad haircut, if that is what you are wishing to do as well.  This is due to the fact it covers 3/4 of your hair so you only have to worry about blending the front section and the finishing results look extremely real and leave you looking very put together and glam.

The Bad

  • It gets HOT- As someone who is use to wearing hair extensions/wigs this negative did not affect me at all, I also wore my half wig throughout the winter/autumn time in the UK, so it was nice to have that extra warmth. However people who live in very hot climates or are not use to added hair may find this somewhat irritating.
  • Faux hair half wigs cannot be styled- Although they look great, faux hair half wigs can either not come into contact with heated styling tools at all, or can only be styled with very little heat. This is why a  lot of half wigs come styled either waved, straight or curled, meaning if you want to have different hair styles then you will need to purchase a variety of wigs, which obviously is not very cost effective.

Real hair half wigs can be styled with heat but they can be very expensive.

  • Colour matching- If you are someone who dyes their hair and subsequently gets roots then I would recommend you buy a half wig the same colour as your roots if you spend more time having roots than not having roots. However this means when you dye your roots the wig will no longer match your hair until you grow them it out again, this is somewhat frustrating as it means you cannot wear your half wig for a period of time.

However if you are someone who constantly touches up their roots then buying a half wig to match your hair once it is dyed is more cost effective for you.

Overall although there were bad factors of having a half wig, I found the good outweighed the bad. It really did build my confidence at the time my hair was growing out and I would highly recommend it for those with very short hair wanting to rock the long haired look, whether it be once in a while or all the time.


This photo was taken last year after purchasing my first half wig

I will say make if you are purchasing a faux hair half wig, make sure it is quality and not a super cheap wig off of Ebay, as it will look extremely obvious that you in fact have a wig on. I highly recommend the store Annabelle’s Wigs, this is where I purchased one of my half wigs and it is great quality and looks very real, for a great price.

Thanks for reading!

Lots Of Love x



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