90’s Dress OOTD (Raiding My Mum’s Wardrobe)

As a 90’s kid I find myself fascinated by clothes straight out of the 90’s era. We have such a fixation when it comes to the 1990’s and I honestly think it is because it was such a unique, fun and colourful decade!

I have recently been raiding my mum’s wardrobe from the early 90’s/late 80’s and have found some absolute gems! So I figured why not modernise them for some Ootds!

The first outfit is this classy and sophisticated dress.


I LOVE everything about this dress! It is classy yet fits the body very well, it is relatively low cut but feels very secure, the black in the dress forms heart shape at the top of the torso around the breast area, this works well with the low cut to flatter my cleavage.


This dress gives me a nautical meets the 1950’s vibe and can work as a classy daytime look or an event outfit, from a day strolling around boutiques to being a guest at a wedding, this dress is perfect for either.


I paired this dress with a simple black elasticated belt to bring the dress in at my waist and flatter my figure. I also threw on a pair of big, cat eye sunglasses, which I absolutely adore and feel adds to the classy and sophisticated vibe of the overall look.



To modernise the look I threw on a chunky pair of heels. I decided to wear simple black shoes to keep the overall look in unison.



The Sunglasses are from the brand Quay and the shoes are from New Look.


Thank you for reading! This was a little different to my normal posts but I hope you enjoyed!

Lots Of Love,

Lottie x

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