Is this the Best Eye Cream in the World? (My Perfect Eyes Eye Cream)


It’s the eye cream that has been taking the media and internet by storm. The supposed miracle eye cream that instantly removes eye bags, wrinkles and dark circles. The question is does it really work?

I purchased this product with my mum as it was on special offer, I have always hated my under eye area, I have a lot of discolouration, I constantly have eye bags and I have developed premature lines.

I have tried multiple eye creams and eye products in an attempt to reduce the bags/lines under my eyes and nothing has worked for me. My mum has also tried different methods to help her under eye area and nothing has been super effective for her.

That was until we came across the My Perfect Eyes Eye Cream, this product genuinely does what it says it will do, I noticed this more on my mum than I did on myself. After applying it to her under eye area she left the room for a couple of minutes only to come back in and show me how much her bags/lines had reduced.

Whenever I go somewhere now I tend to use this product and feel a lot more secure in myself when wearing it.

The product says it lasts 8-10 hours, however I start slowly seeing my under eye lines appear again after around 6/7 hours, which in my opinion is still a long time.

Although this product is amazing and does exactly what it says on the bottle, like most products there are some negatives;

  1. The application process is slightly time consuming and more complicated than applying your average eye cream. You need to use the right amount of product, if you use too little the product will not work, if you use too much the product will become visible in the under eye area. You also need to stare straight and not change your facial expression for 2/3 minutes whilst the product is drying, which obviously is not great for the days your are in a rush.
  2. Makeup you can wear becomes very limited. When you have the product on you can’t wear oil/water based liquid face products and you can only get away with wearing powder, mineral makeup or mousse foundation/concealer products. Wearing anything else will not blend and may effect how the eye cream works.
  3. The product is pricey, I only happened to purchase it because it was on sale for £23, but normally for people like me earning minimum wage spending over £50 on an eye cream does seem a bit excessive. However it is said the product does last up to 100 days if you were to use it everyday.

Negatives aside I would still recommend this product to anyone who is insecure when it comes to their under eye area, it does exactly what it promises and is very effective. Is it the best eye cream ever to be created? No, because it is not a permanent fix to under eye bags/wrinkles, it is only temporary but it does what it promises to do.


My mum’s eyes before using the eye cream


After using the eye cream

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

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