Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Review

Oh Guardians of the Galaxy, where do I start with you? I have been excited to see this film ever since the first one came out, due to the epicness of the first film (yes I am aware epicness is not a real word).

I went into the cinema with expectations high and Marvel, yet again, you did not disappoint me. From the sound track, to special effects, to the acting, this film was absolutely on point.

What I loved

It was the perfect combination of the typical Marvel humour we all know and love, adrenaline boosting action scenes and emotional moments! I loved how Marvel took antagonists from the first film and showed them from a different perspective, giving the audience an understanding of why they are the way they are, making them more lovable and relatable.

The cast as always did an amazing job, giving us moments that made us laugh, cry and sit on the edge of our seats. Baby Groot reduced me to the verge of tears at least 50 times and Drax left me in hysterics multiple times throughout the film, so much so I am extremely glad they gave him more screen time in this film as appose to the last one.


At this moment in time there is genuinely only one negative I can think of, this being that the sound track was not as good as the first film. I think this is just due to the soundtrack in the first film being so incredibly epic and fitting with every scene so well, it was practically impossible to beat.

However the sound track in Vol 2 was still amazing!

Should you watch this movie?

Heck yeah you should watch this movie! It is was thoroughly entertaining and I cannot wait to watch it again.

Thanks for reading this very brief review of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, I hope it was helpful and if you see the film yourself I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Lots Of Love,

Lottie x


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