Comparing Cheap “Do It Yourself” Pink Hair Dye Products

Hello you cuties!

I am here with a different kind of product review today, instead of just reviewing one product I figured why not just review multiple in one post and compare them, am I right?

I am someone who gets very bored of my hair very quickly. It is constantly changing in lengths/styles and I have dyed it a fair few colours. Pink by far being my favourite colour I have had as of yet!

Please keep in mind the products featured in this post aren’t hair dyes so are not designed to give you bright 2007 MySpace pastel pink hair.

These products are each under £10 so are also very affordable.

Shades London Conditioning Hair Toner


I purchased this for around £3-£4 from Savers and you apply it to the hair whilst the hair is clean/wet. After I washed my hair I simply applied it the same as I would a hair mask and left it to sit for around 15-20 minutes (the longer you leave the product to work into the hair the better the results).

Once I washed the product out my hair felt extremely soft and conditioned. However I did not notice a huge difference when it came to the colour and the pink was only slightly there, it also took more to some sections of my hair than it did others, showing to be more vibrant in these parts, despite spreading the product out evenly.

After using the product a second time the colour did become more intense but was still quite natural looking and actually had a hint of peach to it.

It washed out a fair bit after the first wash so doesn’t necessarily last the 10 washes, I also used a full tube in one use as appose to 5, although my hair is somewhat long it isn’t all that thick.

For the price this isn’t a bad product, even though the pink isn’t all that noticeable it does leave a nice colour on the hair and the colour can be buildable. It is also a product that is quick and easy to use and can be worked into your daily routine.


After two uses of the product


Jerome Russell Bblonde Maximum Colour Toner


I purchased this product from Superdrug for £4.49, I used it after washing and slightly towel drying my hair, so it was still slightly damp. The difference between this product and the previous one when it comes to application is… It is a lot more complicated.

First of all this product should be applied using a brush (unlike the last one) I also had to receive help from someone else when applying it. Once applied I had to wrap cling film around my hair and left the product to develop for around 20 minutes. During this process I also had to blow dry my hair for five minutes.

I had a bob haircut that can to  just above my shoulders at the time of using this product and used a whole bottle within the first use.

Although the process of applying the toner was more of a hassle than the Shades London Toner the colour was a lot more vibrant, and looked really nice! It still was somewhat natural looking but you could clearly see I had pink in my hair without having to squint to find it.

It washed out a lot after the first wash which was disappointing and was basically completely gone after the 4th wash as appose to 8 like it states on the bottle.

Overall I would recommend the Shades London Toner over this one because it is cheaper, if you have shorter hair you get more uses out of it, although the colour isn’t as intense it is buildable and the application process is a hell of a lot quicker and easier.

Bleach London Shampoo and Conditioner


We are getting a little pricier here! These products are £6.00 each, however if you buy them together they will obviously cost £12.00. They just work as shampoo and conditioner but instead of washing them straight off I leave the shampoo on for 3 minutes and the conditioner on for 5 before washing off. Being that they are just shampoo and conditioner makes them a lot easier and quicker to use than the previous two products.

After washing and drying my hair I instantly noticed a bigger difference in the intensity of the colour compared to the other two products. However I did notice the colour took a lot more to the top of my hair than it did to the ends.

Unlike the other products my hair did not feel as soft after using these and it did not smell all that great. HOWEVER I do find that the colour lasts a lot longer with the Bleach London product and you don’t need a lot of product to get (in my opinion) better results than the toners. This factor technically makes it the most cost effective out of them all, because although more expensive, lasts a lot longer and requires less uses.

This product also works great when partnered with the Shades London Hair Toner.

In conclusion the Bleach London Shampoo/Conditioner is without question the winning and by for more superior product in this post and is one I would highly recommend!

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Thanks for reading guys I hope you enjoyed!

Lots of love,

Lottie x


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