May Favourites


Hello there my dears!

It has been fair minute since I posted a favourites post, so here I am here with some May favourites for you all!


I’ve gained a few of beauty favourites this month, the first being the St Ives Apricot Scrub. I use this as my current face scrub and I absolutely adore it! After using this my face feels incredibly soft and clean and looks so bright/glowing. It really feels as if it is cleaning any little bit of dirt/makeup from the day away. It’s also great for my sensitive skin as I find unlike most exfoliating products it is very gentle.


I never quite knew the power of Coconut Oil until using it for myself. It has really helped improve the overall appearance of my skin, is great for conditioning my brows/lashes and can be used as a hair mask, face scrub and body lotion!


I have spoken about these before in another blog post, but they have definitely been great products for me this month and these are the Bleach London Shampoo and Conditioner! I have been using them to temporarily change my hair colour to pink and I have really liked how they have worked with my hair. If you wish to see a review in more detail on these products check out my post!

Comparing Cheap “Do It Yourself” Pink Hair Dye Products



I only have one makeup favourite this month and this is the NYX HD Finishng Powder. I LOVE the finished look this gives to my makeup. I feel it gives me a slight airbrushed look and also offers a little bit of coverage so can be warn alone with concealer.



I have two favourite games of this month! One of which I will be reviewing in a separate blog post (this being Horizon Zero Dawn).

The other favourite being the Kingdom Hearts remastered. This is such an incredibly fun game to play and looks BEAUTIFUL! It is a great chill game and is so enjoyable from the game play to the cut scenes.



Something you may not know about me is I am actually a country fan and this month I have heard one of my favourite country songs of all time. The song is called “We Were Us” by Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert. I think it’s safe to say the second Keith Urban is in any song you know it’s going to be a good one. This is the perfect feel good, catchy song ready for the summer.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!
Lots of love,

Lottie x


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