DIY Face Scrub


Want your face to be exfoliated and soft to the touch? Want a scrub that can help fight acne? Well do I have the perfect scrub for you!

I am back with a DIY Facial Scrub I have used before and loved. It only features three ingredients of products that are very affordable and easy to get a hold of.

First you are going to need 3-4 tea spoons of coconut oil, I purchased mine from Superdrug for a very affordable price. Coconut oil is great for the skin, not only is it soothing and moisturising, it also helps give the skin a radiant glow.


Next pour a teaspoon of sugar into the mix (you could use less or more depending on how sensitive your skin is, the more sugar you use the tougher the scrub will be on your skin) and mix with the Coconut oil, the sugar is going to exfoliate all the dirt from the day away and help work the scrub into the skin.


Finally squeeze in half a lemon! Lemon is great for fighting acne, fading blemish scars and brightening the overall complexion of your skin!


Please be gentle and don’t over use if you have sensitive skin, keep in mind we all have different skin types that react differently to certain products. I received some redness that eventually faded after using this, which I expect when I use an exfoliator, however please be careful when using any new beauty treatments not to aggravate or upset your skin.

Thanks for reading this quick little DIY post  hope you enjoyed!
Lots of love,

Lottie x


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