June Favourites


The month of June has just flown by and we are obviously about to enter July, making it perfect timing for a June Favourites post!


Victoria Secret “Such a Flirt”


My first beauty favourite this month has to be my Victoria Secret “Such a Flirt” body mist. I found it for the reasonable price of £8 in Superdrug and it is the perfect combination of both a sweet and fruity scent. It has swiftly become my daily scent as it isn’t to overpowering making it wearable for work.

Dove Summer Revived Body Lotion


This product has become my daily lotion this month, I love the way it makes my skin look/feel and have received a few compliments on how glowey my skin looks when I have worn it.

I have posted a more detailed review previously on here if you wish to check it out.

Dove Summer Revived Body Lotion Review

No7 Eyelash Serum


I plan on reviewing this product when I have emptied out the bottle, so far I am very much enjoying it, after destroying my lashes attempting to do my own eyelash extensions they have been needing some TLC. This product so far I feel has been a big help repairing my lashes.

If you want to read the disastrous story of my eyelash nightmare feel free to check it out!

DIY-ING My Own Eyelash Extensions! (it was a disaster)



I haven’t done a lot of clothes shopping this month but I did pick up this Legend Of Zelda Graphic Tee from Game for a bargain price of just £4.00! I love Legend of Zelda and the triforce symbol, I played and adored the classics such as Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess and Phantom Hourglass and have collected a couple of the Mangas, so anything Zelda I am automatically drawn to.



I know i’m behind on the Overwatch train but I have been loving this game this month, so much so mid way through the month I gained a slight addiction to it where I found myself constantly thinking about it/wanting to play it. It is such a fun, colourful game that you end up playing for hours.

That is it for my favourites this month! I hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!
Lots of love,

Lottie x


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