My Journey To Confidence (Wearing No Makeup in Public)

Now anyone who is a regular no makeup wearer is probably reading the title of this post thinking “wearing no makeup is not a big deal,” and throughout my high school years I was constantly asked questions like; “why do you wear so much makeup?” “why are you wearing makeup to school?” “you go to an all girls school who are you trying to impress?” etc. and whilst me arguing against these points is an entirely different blog post in itself, I am just going to simply answer these questions with the statement “because I wanted too!”

However, growing up I was only secure in myself and my appearance when I had makeup on and didn’t feel fully myself if I didn’t have at least some form of makeup on my face. This especially stemmed from when I began to develop acne and would not go a day without caking my face in various foundations and concealers (even if I was just walking to the local shop and back I would still NEED makeup). This obviously meant my skin was not able to breathe (ever) and the fact that I was so reliant on makeup to even gain an ounce of self confidence was problematic considering that I went to a school with a no makeup policy. This led to me getting in arguments with teachers when I refused to remove my makeup, getting the odd detention for my makeup and taking my makeup off only to reapply it again, making me late for lessons thus affecting my education. This continued until the school eventually gave up. The thought of people seeing how “ugly” my natural skin/face was, was genuinely terrifying to me.

The day came when I was 15 years old where I decided to wear no makeup to school in an attempt to clear up my skin, the majority of the day I spent with my sleeve pulled up and over my mouth (the place where my acne was most prevalent at the time). My best friend, whom I am still friends with to this day, continuously told me that my skin was not that bad and that I don’t need to cover half of my face. I removed my hand only for a girl to come up to me and tell me how ugly myself and my skin was and that my spots were disgusting.

It is safe to say from that day onward I never stopped wearing makeup, I would not take it off at sleepovers, I would wear it when walking the dog, it even took me over 6 months before I felt brave enough to not wear it in front of my boyfriend.

However when I began reaching the age I am now and my working hours were getting longer, earlier and more frequent I just didn’t have the time nor energy to be getting up and applying a full face of makeup every morning and would tend to just go for concealer and foundation. I experimented with eyelash extensions, lash lifts and lash tinting methods to help build my confidence with wearing minimal to no makeup.

Until the day came when I woke up and no longer cared for applying makeup and went into work thinking “if people think i’m ugly, oh well,” granted I was nervous for people’s opinions and that someone would pass comment like the girl in high school, but no one did. No one even commented on the fact I had no makeup on, that’s when I came to the realisation that no one actually cares! Or if they do care why am I so bothered about their negative opinions on my appearance (something that I cannot/will not change to fit their liking). Sure there is the possibility that they may talk about how I look behind my back, but if it is something that I will never hear then I shouldn’t waste my time pondering on what judgemental people’s negative opinions are on my natural appearance.

Granted I have cleared up my skin a lot since my teen years and I think that is a massive factor on me having the confidence to wear no makeup, but I have broke down the most important wall in worrying what others opinions are of my face with no makeup.

I still have not accepted the way I look fully by any means and would love to change multiple things about my appearance, but I have learned to not let my insecurities and others judgements control me. Life is too short to waste time worrying on people’s opinions on your appearance, when the chances are they a more focused on their own lives to care, if they do care enough to pass negative comments then that shows you how boring their life must be as whole to spend their time analysing and commenting such negativity on something so trivial.

Thanks for reading! I hope this has helped some of you!
Lots of love,

Lottie x


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